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Who is your favorite male character in novel ever? and why? 

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Grave robbery note 004 by mrsloth
Grave robbery note 004
Zhang Kylin & Wu Xie HeartHeartHeart
Character from Chinese novel, "Daomu Biji" (Chinese: 盜墓筆記), or Grave Robbery Note in English.
(More info here >>>

Something I planned to use as the submission for illust book project for DaomuBiji only event in Thailand (Thanks for your invitation!), but I gave up with the background in the middle -w-;

If you like this novel, you can go and get more doodles of this sketch at my Tumblr as always >>>
Grave robbery note 003 by mrsloth
Grave robbery note 003
Zhang Kylin & Wu Xie HeartHeartHeart
Character from Chinese novel, "Daomu Biji" (Chinese: 盜墓筆記), or Grave Robbery Note in English.
(More info here >>>

I love green, but rarely have good idea how to

If you like this novel, you can go and get more doodles of this sketch at my Tumblr as always >>>
Grave robbery note 002 by mrsloth
Grave robbery note 002
Zhang Kylin & Wu Xie HeartHeartHeart
Character from Chinese novel, "Daomu Biji" (Chinese: 盜墓筆記), or Grave Robbery Note in English.
(More info here >>>

Bravo for black-haired UKE! XD

If you like this novel, you can go and get more doodles of this sketch at my Tumblr as always >>>
Grave robbery note 001 by mrsloth
Grave robbery note 001
Zhang Kylin & Wu Xie :heart::heart::heart:
Character from Chinese novel, "Daomu Biji" (Chinese: 盜墓筆記), or Grave Robbery Note in English.
(More info here >>>

My current obsession (new ship?) that give me inspiration to draw once again! Thanks god for let me know this fantastic novel >w<

If you like this novel, you can go and get more doodles of this sketch at my Tumblr as always >>>


Favourite cartoon character: L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, HikAki XD, SasuNaru, MidoTaka, KanameZero, ShionNezumi, Sebastian


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Christmas Gifts : Presents time I

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 10, 2013, 10:10 PM
  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Frozen OST
  • Reading: The Divergent trilogy
  • Watching: Toast (2010) >////

Updated 01/01/2014 :rose:

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Thank you for spending your time to join my little event. I'm very happy to know more about all you guys. I read all the comments but still have no time to answer them. Please be patient ^^;

So it's presents time XD :party::party::party:

For the 1st round, we got 7 lucky (?) persons randomly picked up XD

 photo XMas001.jpg

This time, I'm not sure there will be volunteer Santa to help me color these linearts or not.

If anyone is interested to color, you can go and grab the bigger version of the lineart at my Tumblr >>> 

Feel free to color them. And if you want to show me after you finish any, come back to drop link in this journal. Thanks in advance Kiss

All these characters are not belong to me.***So if possilble, do not forget to go to say "Hi" to the creators of these characters and let them know you color them. I am sure they will be very happy ^^

:santa:List for the reference of each pic.

1) Levi in Izaya's clothes for :iconloxaris:
Levi >>>…
Izaya >>>…

2) Alexielle for :iconaxel-zeck:…

3) Haiden for :iconariellexsin:…

4) Luka for :iconazuraline:…

5) Ajax for :iconpoooptato:…
Yuki for :icondizzysoccergurl:…

6) Braz d. Blood for :iconnaheim:…

I will pick up some of them to color later, and...more requests will come, so do not be disappointed if you don't see your request here this time ;)

Happy New Year again! I wish you all the happiness, health, joy through the year 2014 !!! :heart::heart::heart:

Updated 21/12/2013 :rose:

It is time! The request zone is closed from now on >w<

:iconsilverblossoms: is the last one whose request will be accepted :heart::heart::heart:

Thanks everyone for requests. :hug::hug::hug:
Thanks for your time to write for me. I'm very glad to know more about you and I promise I will reply to them all...just give me times ^^;

Again...this year 90% of the requests are OC. You guys are so creative!!! Many ideas amazed me. I'm 100% fanartist and never feel like want to have my own one. So I admire people who can create OC a lot!

So now the it is time to choose and draw! Sorry to inform you that it will be late for sure. Now I'm working and unfortunately Christmas is not a holiday in my country so I have time to draw during weekend only -w-;

I think maybe I choose 8:2 for OC and fanart to draw and each of them will be choosen to CG.

If there are some linearts done, I will update them in another journal entry. And perhaps there will be lovely elfs come to help me paint again >///<

Good Luck :kiss:


Hello everyone. Long time no seeeeeeeeeee. Sorry I have nothing much to updater recently. If there is a reward for the artist who have rarely updated his/her journal in DA. I think maybe I can win ^^;

Time flies so fast...I almost did not notice that it has already passed my 10th year anniversary since I joined DA and also passed 1 million pageviews. Then I realize that I have not done anything for my lovely visitors here ;_; So I want to run..well, the 3rd Christmas Gifts project. Is there anyone still remember this project? 3 years had passed since the 2nd one!!! Surprised??? ^^;

If you are new visitor, you can go to see what we did in 2008, 2010.

2008 >>>…
2010 >>>…
and… Briefly, it will be like my very very special request zone. You request then I draw. That's all :clap::clap::clap:

I want this special occasion to be a chance to know more about my visitors, and of course, it is also a chance for you to make a new friend. So there will be some rules I want you to follow. Please read them carefully and kindly give me the infomation about your request.. Thank you! :heart::heart::heart:

All you have to do is giving me a request with the details in this journal "in the same format below".

1. Your request
-- 1 Character per 1 person
2. Referenced link
-- In case, it's not the fanart of anime/manga I know or it's your OC, you need to give me the link to the reference.
3. A short description of the pic you want to see. (Brief and Clear, please!)
4. Introduce yourself. 
-- If you think we can be friend, tell me anything you want me to know more about you ^^ 
<<< I do not mind how long you will write, I had a lot of fun reading all of your introduction last time. This time also, I promise to read every lines of them! 

That's all! :rose:

***For someone who had ever given me the request before and were not chosen, in case you have not changed your mind yet, I do no mind if you would copy your request from the last time ^^

***In case, I can draw many pics, I may offer some linearts for anyone to color, so we can have little secret santa event together again >w< :heart:


It is not EVERYONE will get a pic

I don't know how many people will come to drop a request, so I can't promise that I will draw to everyone. Really no idea how much I can do. It depends on my free time.

- This is a free service so the right to choose what to draw is belong to me.

- I will pick up the request RANDOMLY 

It doesn't mean that the person who came first will get the pic. The method I use will be absolutely random. Not that I read the comments and select but I will select the number of the comments first then draw.

- I will consider and draw anything that I think it will be fun to draw.

- Your request doesn't have to be the anime/manga I like, cause it will be your gift. Everything is up to you ^^

- The pics can be sketch, rough paint, headshot, cg, anything up to my mood and time.

- I won't accept any critic even you are not satisfied with the pic you get.

- Please don't be upset, if your request is not picked up. I just ask you to buy a lottery. ^^;

Deadline is when I tell in the journal that it is deadline. 


P.s. This project is created just for fun! Don't be too serious, okay?



My Tumblr >>>

Place to stock my daily doodles, sketches, lineart works.


My Twitter >>>
Most of time I will write my tweet in Japanese, but English and Thai are also very welcome.
Feel free to follow and talk :)


About Commission >>>…


FAQ about No.6 >>>…


FAQ about my artwork >>>…
Feel free to drop any question about my art.
***About my ART only! I will not answer anything about my personal life, sorry!


How to contact me
1. DA note
2. Twitter direct message (DM)
4. Skype for chatting directly
My skype account is Slothx

**When you add me, do not forget to introduce yourself and state that you came from DA I will not accept the request without introduction message.
***And if you adde me, it means you have something wanna talk. Please talk when you see me online. Even I'm away in that time, you can drop me a message and I will come back to reply later. Do not come to stay silently in my contact list, you will be deleted.
****Do not add my skpe to ask me to teach you art. I can not teach anyone. If you have a question about my art, go to drop message at…


oh! also happy b-day bro!!
Wed Sep 24, 2014, 9:07 PM
love your art bro keep it up! ouo
Wed Sep 24, 2014, 9:04 PM
i hereby declare you as my senpai <3
Sun Jul 13, 2014, 3:04 AM
just passing by..YOU'RE AWESOME :D
Fri Jul 11, 2014, 2:42 AM
Thank you so much!! You're the best!! :D
Tue Feb 18, 2014, 10:01 PM


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